National Standards for Supervisory Educational Programs

The General Assembly of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association has agreed the common standards for superisory educational programmes. The purpose of the standards is to ensure the quality and proffesionality of the national educational programs.

The standards iclude:
– Conditions for entrance in the educational program on supervision
Conditions for the supervisory educational program
Minimum standards for the supervisory educational program leaders

Procedure: educational program providers send their curricula and required douments electronically to

Programs shall be evaluated according to the ESCA and ANSE standards, and approved/declined by the Supervisory Eduational Programs Commission of ESCA: Aino Kuntsel, Helena Ehrenbusch, Katrin Aava, Taimi Elenurm (2015, 2016, 2017)


A. Conditions for entrance in the educational program on supervision

1. Higher eduation ( 3+2 MA). University level diploma / proven equivalent
2. Post-graduation working experience in the field At least 4 years of continuous working experience
3. Continued education Participation in longer eduational courses: 60-300 ac/h (certification). Good communiation knowledge and skills assumed
4. Experiene as a supervisee Documented 30-60 ac/h. Participation in different forms of supervision and coaching. Recommendation in written from a supervisor.

Can be provided by program providor in the format of screening (min. 30 ac/h) for those with no previous supervision experience.


B. Conditions for the supervisory educational program

1. Duration of the program At least over 2 years
2. Number of contact hours (exclusive 3. and 4.) 300-375 ac/h
3. Praxis as learning supervisor At least 45 ac/h in individual as well as in group setting
4. Participation at supervision-on-supervision One series in individual setting, a second series in a group setting.
At least 35 ac/h
5. Thesis Demonstration the integration of main aspects of theory of supervision and own supervisory practice
6. Colloquium Demonstrating communication skills
Concerning the own thesis
7. Final exam Practical work, demonstrating supervisory skills
8. Certifiation Registered and signed by the national association for supervision and educational program providors


C. Minimum standards for the supervisory educational program leaders

  1. Certification from a 3-year supervisory educational program, accepted by ANSE and ESCA standards.
  2. Certified in Senior Supervisor Level according to the National Qualification System.
  3. Has guided one course of the supervisory educational program with a mentor or in cooperation with a peer group, formed of certified Senior Supervisors.

Portfolio of the Supervisory Educational Program Leader contains:

  1. personal understanding or vision of supervision and coaching
  2. group dynamic analyses of the study group, for whom the program leader has guided a course
  3. analyses or thesis of personal understanding of learning and teaching, descirbed or supported by personal teaching experience (e.g various didactic/methodological approaches, schools of psychotherapy, teaching/learning styles, critical reflection) 12p (abstract 800-1500 words/ 7000-8000 marks).
  4. reflection of teahing experience

Evaluation is performed by peer-group, with whom the cycle was performed + one Senior Supervisor from ESCA members 

Updated 22.01.2017