Supervision Day

In autumn 2014 ESCÜ initiated together with Tallinn University a wide scale process to support with methods of supervision and coaching the implementation of new strategy of education. Within period of six months different groups of people involved in developing education ( teachers, headmasters, Regional Guidance Centers, University lecturers, local authorities, Ministry of Education) work…

Mental Health Fair

VATEK together with the Tallinn University Institute of Social Work organised Mental Health Fair. It was a meeting place for people interested in mental health in Estonia. There were 2 main topics Mental Health and Wellbeing and Life with Schizophreny. ESCÜ was participating with information tabel promoting supervision and conducted one workshop.  

Entrepreneurship Day 2014

Tallinn City Enterprise Department organized the 11th  Entrepreneurship Day this time under the slogan: Appreciating the entrepreneurship. The aim was to encourage people and offer useful information about different options to be/become entrepereneur. ESCÜ supervisors were leading 3 workshops.

Arengukompass 2013

Already the second year in a row Äripäev together with the Association of Estonian Supervision and Coaching organised the conference Arengukompass 2013. The conference focused on the subject how to achieve persistent results.

Arengukompass 2012

Äripäev and the Association of Estonian Supervision and Coaching organised a conference of supervision and coaching. The conference focused on the new development methods for organisations, introduced the top players in that field.