This tabel is a draft from 15.11.2016

You can view the work-in-progress version in our Estonian page. New formula will be voted 17.11.2017 and uploaded here shortly after.


Criteria Certified supervisor/coach Practitioner Supervisor/Coach Master


Passed training in accordance with ANSE, ESCY standards Practising, have passed ESCY quality group Practising, have passed ESCY quality group, developing the field, providing meta-supervision to students, supervisors & coaches, teaching supervision
Diploma in supervision/coaching X X X
Paid annual fee for ESCY X X X
Working according to ethical standards of ESCY X X X Ethical code under development
Participation in training of the field min 1 x per year X X X
Participation in ESCY/ANSE events min 1 x per year X X X Shows belonging into community
Documented practice hours of supervision/coaching 100 hrs in last 3 years (inc. hours during study course) 150 hrs in last 3 years with at least 10 clients (or 60 hrs per year) Min 1200 hrs in last 8 years, min 25 clients, incl. Both individual and group supervision/


Participation in quality group (once in 3 years) X X
Continuous practice as supervisor In past 3 years In past 8 years
In past 3 yrs:

-public presentation on supervision/ coaching (inc. giving workshop and/or

-written material on supervision/coaching, e.g. article, book, methodology material, etc. (in public media or professional blog or journal)

-working as visiting or leading teacher in supervision training and/or

-acting as teaching supervisor

Supervisor portfolio X X
Documented meta-supervision process:

(at least 1 option required)

-ESTVISION group participation (min 4 sessions a year)

-INTER-VISION or BALTVISION group experience (min 2 sessions a year)

-1 individual personal supervision or ps.therapy process a year (min 4 sessions)