• development of supervision and coaching profession
  • guarantee of service quality
  • assurance and monitoring of the supervisor’s and coach’s continuous professional development

Supervisors and coaches, who have applied for and received the quality level, are brought out on ESCA homepage, ESCA recommends them to possible clients and cooperation partners.

Description of the quality level application procedure


Application is a voluntary process. For starting the process, 3 supervisors and/or coaches form the quality group on their own initiative. Supervisors and/or coaches applying for different levels can belong to the same quality group.
Upon formulation of the group, each member lets the other group members know the level they are applying for (the applicable level cannot be changed during the application process!) and submits his/er portfolio to the others for observation and reading at least one week before the personal presentation.
The group reports upon the formulation of the group, the applicable levels, and the ending dates to the ESCA board.


The maximum length of the group working period is 4 months.
We recommended giving each member at least 3 hours for introducing the portfolio and self-reflection. At one meeting, one member is on the focus.
Supervisor/coach proves his/er correspondence to the applicable level according to the quality criteria, eg describes his/er ethical and philosophical working principles, the content of his/er work as a supervisor, introduces and reflects one client process, answers the questions of the group members (see the criteria in the table below).
ESCA prefers trust relation upon proving the working and learning experience, both in the group and at the ESCA Board. In case of doubts the group or board members may ask to provide appropriate written proof.
The decision upon the supervisor’s correspondence to the applicable level is made by the other group members by consensus. In the case of doubts or differences in opinion between the group members or in the ESCA Board, the level is not confirmed. We recommend asking for guidance from the ESCA Board or ESCA Ethics Committee when the group faces complicated cases or multiple interpretations.


The group presents the applied and confirmed levels of the supervisors to the ESCA board for approval after the meetings. In case of interest ESCA issues a correspondent electronic certificate. The quality level is valid for 4 years after the finishing date of the group. The quality level can be renewed or changed not sooner than 3 years after the last process.

The composition of the quality group is onetime! ESCA quality system work-group recommends avoiding the formulation of the group between close colleagues, to assure the credibility in applying for the quality level. ESCA board has the right to ask for changes in the groups.









 Description Corresponds to the quality requirements in this table, has practiced continuously  as a supervisor/coach (during at least 1 year after completing the education and receiving the diploma), improves professionally Corresponds to the quality requirements in this table, has practiced continuously as a supervisor/coach (during at least 3 years after completing the education and receiving the diploma), improves professionally, develops the field Corresponds to the quality requirements in this table, has practiced continuously as a supervisor/coach (during at least 8 years after completing the education and receiving the diploma), improves professionally,  develops the field, supervises and/or educates supervisors and/or coaches or similar professionals
Certificate or diploma of supervision and/or coaching training corresponding to ANSE and ESCA standards (supervisor) or the accreditation level requirements of ICF, EMCC (coach) x x x
Payment of annual fee(s) of ESCA x x x
Working according to the ESCA statue and ethical guidelines x x x
Participation in professional education courses, conferences, incl ESCA spring and autumn schools, courses provided by professional unions. x x x
Documented practice hours of supervision processes or coaching sessions (astronomic hour), incl individual works and group processes At least 50 hours per year after the graduation At least 150 hours during the last 3 years, at least 10 client processes  At least 800 hours during the last 8 years, at least 25 client processes

Portfolio of the supervisor/coach (electronic or on paper), which includes (minimum requirements):

  • Documented working hours, educative courses and other appropriate files
  • Professional philosophical principles/methodical choices
  • Main tools
  • Self-reflection connected to the professional development
  • Analyses of client groups
  • Transcribed analyses/reflection of 1 self-chosen client work
x x x
The portfolio includes a reflection of the teaching experience x

Documented metasupervision process (1 from the list)

  • Estvision group (according to ESCA requirements)
  • Intervisioni group (according to ANSE requirements)
  • personal regular individual supervision or therapy process
x x x

Number of additional points according to the activity value

  • Contribution in ESCA active working group at least during 1 year (15)
  • Contribution to ESCA development within a certain project (15)
  • Participation in ESCA board at least during 1 year (25)
  • Participation in the ANSE project at least 1 year (20)
  • Participation in the ANSE board at least during 1 year (25)
  • Giving a workshop on supervision/coaching (10)
  • Giving an introductory course on supervision or coaching in a College or University  (at least 1 semester) (10-15)
  • Working as a guest lecturer in a supervision or coaching training program (10-15)
  • Working as a course leader in a supervision/coaching training program (20-30)
  • Working as a Teaching Supervisor (20)
  • Article about supervision/coaching in a professional blog (5-10)
  • Report/paper in a conference about supervision/coaching (5-15)
  • Article in an open media about supervision/coaching (10)
  • Composing professional tool, which gets published (10-15)
  • Article in a scientific magazine about supervision/coaching (30)
  • A book about supervision/coaching (50)
  • Participation in ESCA reading club at least during 1 year (5-10)
  • other activities in the supervision/coaching field (…)
10p  20p 40p


Approved on the 17th of November 2017, at ESCA General Assembly

Revised and improved by the ESCA Quality Work-Group on the 21st of January 2020, approved by the ESCA General Assembly on the 27th of March 2020