In autumn 2014 ESCÜ initiated together with Tallinn University a wide scale process to support with methods of supervision and coaching the implementation of new strategy of education. Within period of six months different groups of people involved in developing education ( teachers, headmasters, Regional Guidance Centers, University lecturers, local authorities, Ministry of Education) work in supervision groups to find new meanings and build cooperation to implement the new strategy of education.

Process has 3 stages:


1. Supervision day
16.oktoober 2014

2. Supervision and coaching pilot groups 
Supervision continues in 3 pilot groups.
teams of schools
groups of headmasters
team of round table consists of people who work with the goals set in the process of the 1. supervision day.
Every group meets 5 times and works with 2 supervisors.

3. The second supervision day
2015 in May we come together to analyse what has happened and what are the results.